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The Journey

Hidden beneath the icy tundra for a billion years, each Diavik SourcedTM gem is carefully monitored during its journey through cutting and polishing, to setting within exquisite fine jewellery. This chain of custody provides assurance that the pristine provenance of these luminous treasures remains intact.

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Step 1: Rough Diamond Mining

Diavik SourcedTM diamonds originate from the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The rough diamonds are carefully extracted from the earth under the highest possible ethical, environmental and safety standards.

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Step 2: Diamond Sorting and Selection

Once the rough diamonds have been unearthed, they are assessed and sorted according to their size, shape, colour and other characteristics, before being passed to highly trained diamantaires.

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Step 4: Jewellery Design & Manufacturing

Hand-picked jewellery manufacturers selected by the Diavik Mine apply their expert craftsmanship to create finished jewellery pieces that bring out the inherent qualities and beauty of the diamonds.

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Step 6: Owning a Piece of Canada

When you purchase a Diavik SourcedTM diamond, or jewellery made with Diavik SourcedTM diamonds, you will receive an authenticity document that confirms the diamonds are responsibly sourced and ethically produced from the Diavik Diamond Mine.

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Diamond Search

Use our Diamond Search to authenticate your Diavik SourcedTM diamond, or jewellery crafted with these beautiful and uniquely Canadian diamonds.

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