Natural Beauty.
Canadian Provenance.



—The Diavik Diamond Mine

At the top of the world, just beneath the Arctic Circle and within the vast, frozen wilderness of Canada’s Northwest Territories is the Diavik Diamond Mine.

Renowned for producing some of the highest quality diamonds in the world, diamonds sourced at Diavik sparkle with a magnificence that rivals the spectacular lightshow of the Aurora Borealis.

Created billions of years ago nearly 160 kilometres beneath the subarctic tundra, each certified Diavik-sourced diamond is responsibly extracted and carefully tracked from mine to market to ensure its authenticity.

Beyond Rare™ Tender

The Art Series

The 2023 collection, Born of this World, showcases rare masterpieces of nature – fancy coloured diamonds from the Diavik Diamond Mine and the Argyle Diamond Mine in
Australia. Each gem representing esteemed provenance, careful custody and infinite rarity.