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Diamonds from Diavik make excellent polished gems thanks to their top white colors and consistent shapes, and are ideally suited for bridal or statement jewellery.

In appreciation of their consistency and brilliance, diamantaires around the world have come to rely on the Diavik standard as a sign of quality.

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Diavik Midnight SunTM

A perfect combination of potent colour and superb craftsmanship. A special collaboration between
 Musson Jewellers and Glajz created a masterpiece of eternal allure – transforming a 36.75 carat rough diamond into 18.08 carats of golden brilliance, heralded by an intricate setting of 4.09 carats of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM.

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Diamond Search

Use our Diamond Search to authenticate your Diavik SourcedTM diamond or jewellery crafted with these beautiful and uniquely Canadian diamonds.

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